The luna+sol Gallery is a unique place in Dubrovnik, inspired by the rich cultural and historical heritage of both Dubrovnik and Croatia.

The Gallery offers pieces of art by famous artists of contemporary Croatian art, as well as authors from other countries in the region, such as: Jože Ciuha, Mersad Berber, Bane Milenković, Stipe Nobilo, Damir Medvešek, Dino Trtovac, Duško Šibl, Vatroslav Kuliš, Josip Trostmann, Duje Jurić, Ivica Šiško, Krešimir Nikšić, Nikolina Šimunović, Iris Lobaš, I. J. Trostmann, Tomislav Ostrman and many others.

The collection also comprises of a wide array of artistic ceramics, art jewellery, and other alluring items and authentic souvenirs. For lovers of antiques and vintage items, there is a collection of antique oil lamps and small household items.

We will be delighted to share with you a part of Croatian contemporary art and history. As our respected guest you can enjoy your visit and purchase in privacy (please, feel free to book your visit in advance).

luna+sol gallery
Petra Krešimira IV. Street No. 7, Dubrovnik · Croatia
(in the close proximity of the lower cable car station)

tel: +385 98 209150 · ·
Open from 10-14 and 17-21, Sundays and public holidays 10-15